The founding members of Our Three Moms Scholarship Foundation (Jake, Jesse, Dusty, Chris and Bryce) have friendships that date back to the 2nd grade. They were introduced through youth sports and attended local schools together while growing up in Vancouver, WA. They formed a robust and unique bond with one another that has strengthened as they have continued to reach for and achieve their goals personally and professionally. Since graduating from local high schools in the Vancouver, WA area (Fort Vancouver & Hudson’s Bay) they have all followed their own separate life aspirations, placing them in different cities around the world. The foundation for their success was the support they received and continue to receive from each other and their mothers, who were strong influences in their lives.

The founders have appropriately named this scholarship after their mothers because their mothers were the first people to make the founding members believe in themselves. As their mothers are true heroes, every recipient of this scholarship will have benefited from their outstanding support.


It is the organization’s hope that its recipients channel the great adversity they have overcome into positive contributions to their communities, and ultimately appreciate their sense of value in this world.


Our Mission

Our mission is to assist in providing a quality education both in and beyond the classroom to deserving college-bound students from single-parent homes. The board members and supporters of the scholarship are committed to instilling in our students:

A commitment to the development of their intellectual, social, and moral dimensions

A belief in using one’s gifts and talents in service for others

A sense of the passion and value of education